We invite churches to commit to praying for the refugees as a response to Jesus’ teachings to love our neighbors. We ask the churches to take 5 minutes during their Sunday service to share the story of refugees (through one of our videos) and ask their church members to pray for 5 weeks, 5 days a week, for 5 minutes, and invite 5 friends to join them.

In the past five years, millions of innocent people in Iraq and Syria have had to flee their homes to escape the dangers of war and the brutality of ISIS targeting the Yazidis, Christians and other religious minorities. Families have been torn apart, children orphaned and left traumatized by what they experienced.

Prayer Themes & Video Stories

What We Provide

  • Five downloadable video stories that can be shared in their church services, posted on their church website, and used in their small groups.

  • Five downloadable prayer guides that accompany the videos. These can be printed, emailed as PDFs and also posted on the church websites.